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Black Paracord Bracelet. As seen on Jason Isaacs.


Jason is wearing the black option but these can be made in an assortment of colors- please select yours via drop down menu when purchasing. 


We retail this item for $11.00


This item will come with a complimentary 3" x 2" acrylic stand that shows "As Seen In" information - see photo for example. If you are an online boutique and do not need (or just do not want) the small stand, please select so when ordering.


Has a buckle clasp. Made with 550 cord. Unisex Bracelet.


Portion of the profits of this bracelet donated to Save the Sound


Fashionable and useful. You can wear it everyday and not know you have it on. With a secure buckle that fastens around your wrist, it's easy to keep your Paracord Bracelet close by in case of emergencies. This bracelet is easy to unravel and waterproof. Use it for boating cord, dog leash, tying down a tent, shoelaces, first aid and a multitude of other uses. You can also use the threads out of the core to use for fishing lines, sewing fabric, cloths line and much more.

Look Great & Donate!

If you have any questions, please feel to email us!

Black Paracord Bracelet Seen on Jason Isaacs

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