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What to Wear with Stacy London

My mother and I have always been huge fans of Stacy London. We would watch What Not To Wear all the time... and when we had the opportunity to meet Stacy, it was a dream come true.

My mother was lucky enough to be styled by Stacy for Westfield Style Magazine. She got her hair and makeup done, while they picked out a fun outfit for them to shoot her in. While we were at the glamorous NYC photoshoot, my mother gave Stacy 2 special bracelets we created just for her. One of which is our Antique Spacer and Crystal Charity Bracelet that donates a portion of the profits to The American Cancer Society.

My mom had so much fun at this shoot... and Stacy wore our bracelets the entire time!

She even had them on in Westfield Style Magazine when it came out!

We will never forget this experience! It was such a fun time! Stacy even gives us a shoutout in this behind the scenes clip from the day... check out 0.49 seconds - 1:04.

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