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The Best Gifts for Foodies

This has to be one of my favorite gift guides ever. I come from an Italian family, so when it comes to food, you know we like to eat. I LOVE trying new and exciting foods and just love the foodie vibe altogether. Whether it's getting into cooking shows or just learning to cook (both of which are me), I feel like the term foodie is so broad that any food lover can join in.

I should warn you... don't view this gift guide hungry. I can't be held accountable for what will happen if you do :)

1. Baker's Delight Candle Trio by Prismatic Peacock

2. Banana Split Sundae Soap by AJ Sweet Soap

3. Garlic T-Shirt by Bianco Brands

4. Hangry Spoon by Sky Metal Designs

5. Avocado Earrings by Jewels For Hope

7. Candy Totebag by Tragedies Cheesecake

8. Sea Salt Seasoning Sampler by Trio Artisan Designs

9. Cheese & Crackers Necklace by Verdilune Shop

10. Pizza Sweatshirt by And Morgan

I'm already hungry looking over this list. What about you?

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