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5 Reasons to Shop Handmade

The handcrafted market has blown up over the last 10 years. With Etsy and Amazon Handmade being a booming business, you can spend hours browsing and admiring the most beautifully handcrafted designs.

Why should you actually buy handmade?

That is the question going through your head as you browse the internet and see similar items for less, from mass produced companies overseas. Well, we have the top 5 reasons why you should venture out into the handcrafted market for your next gift buying experience.

Quality Craftsmanship

When you go to purchase a handcrafted item, you are buying someone's blood, sweat, and tears. Yes, that may sound gross, but it's the truth. A small business who makes their own products takes so much time and effort into each and every piece. You are receiving a product that is their baby. They have poured over each aspect making sure it is the best it possibly can be for you. From crocheters who pick the best quality yarn for their work or jewelers who hand select crystals in their designs.

Unique Designs

Have you ever walked into a party and see the same three women wearing the exact same earrings from Stella & Dot or Bauble Bar? Well, I have. Yes, they are very cute, but they aren't special. They aren't unique. Now, I know handcrafted items are not always 100% unique as they can make the same piece over and over, but what are the odds that both you and the girl at the bar are both going to come across the same Unicorn Pendant or even just a simple Black Choker and wear them on the exact same night? Those odds are pretty slim.


Now, not all handcrafted companies will do this but most of them work with customers directly. Say you see a piece on their website that you absolutely LOVE but maybe want a different color variation? Or need a necklace made a little longer so you can slip it right over your head? If you send a message to a handcrafted small business, you'll be talking to the creator directly! You can't ask Walmart's head buyer to change a design special for you, now can you? Nope. This is something specific to handcrafted items. Have it your way!

Beautiful Packaging

How many times have you purchased something from Amazon and it comes thrown into a box, smashed, and eh, that's it. Nothing you can really do about it. When you're purchasing from a handcrafted company, everything is carefully picked out by the owner. Packaging included. I cannot tell you how many different packaging ideas Jewels For Hope has tried over the years, all tested and tried out by us to see what works best with our charity creations. We put just as much thought in the packaging as the product!

Supporting a Dream

You are supporting a dream with every purchase. Each handcrafted item is made by hand from someone out of love. It is their passion, their ideas, their creativity coming to life. When you make a purchase from a handcrafted small business, an actual person does a happy dance!

Yep, that's exactly what I look like every single time we get a sale. I'm not kidding. Maybe next time I'll even record it.

Do you have any other reasons to shop handmade? Share them below!

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