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Essential Oil Jewelry for Yoga Lovers

We connected with an awesome blogger from Connecticut, Red White & Denim. Jen, is a fellow New Englander and was kind enough to show off some of her Jewels For Hope charity creations on her blog.

She is a big time yoga enthusiast and we were so happy to connect with her to show her our aromatherapy jewelry. We wholeheartedly believe in essential oils in helping to relax you and clear your head. We use them ourselves in everyday life - and when we heard from Jen that she loves to use essential oils during yoga, we knew this was a perfect match!

Check out some of these awesome shots Jen took. If you're into New England style or are a fellow yogi, go over and say hi to her -she's super sweet and has great style... obviously if she loved Jewels For Hope's bracelets :)

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