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The Best Gifts for Mom

The holidays are right around the corner and we can all agree one of the most important people to shop for is mom.

Mom's do so much for everyone else. If you're a mother, you know this. This time of year, we need to make sure mom feels extra special. She deserves it!

These picks are sure to make mom jump for joy. The best part? They are all handcrafted by small businesses. If you make a purchase from any of these companies, I can GUARANTEE that each owner will do a happy dance with every purchase... at least that's how it goes for us :)

1: Crocheted Cowl Scarf by Hooked On Yarn CT

2: The Darks Nailpolish by Spellbound Nails

3. Reindeer Necklace by Jewels For Hope

4. Earth Goat Milk Sampler by Simply Caprine

5. Love Pocket Pebble by Everything Pretty Shop

6. Houndstooth Eye Glasses Case by Nan Gates Designs

7. Owl Always Love You Key Chain by Oh So Charming Bracelet

8. Spa Gift Set by Cassia Organics

9. Fuel for Mamma Coffee Mug by Ink Customs Co

10. Mom Juice Wine Glass by Truly Yours by Amanda

Don't you think mom would love each one? I know mine would!

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