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Top 10 Nautical Gifts for The Holidays

While I'm stuck in the cold weather of a New England winter, I can dream about the ocean, right? Take a look at these amazing nautical themed gifts, perfect for the ocean or boat lover to get them through this long cold winter.

1. Crystal Waters Beach Art by Shannon Howard Prints

2. Sailboat Hat by Hunky Dori Boutique

3. Anchor Hair Tie by SassyBelleWares

4. Nautical Coaster Set by Tipos Creations

6. Beach Linen Candle by The Prismatic Peacock

7. At The Beach Bracelet by Forest of Jewels

8. Mermaid Hand Painted Ornament by Whimsy Inspired Gifts

9. Scallop Shell Ring Bowl by Beachwood Street

10. You Are My Anchor Mug by Northwest Frame of Mind

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