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Foodie Fashion is Here to Stay

The summer is halfway over and I still can't get enough foodie fashion. Everywhere I look there is a new pair of pineapple pants I want, or an adorable lemon print top I just need to have.

I like to bring summer vibes with me whenever and wherever I am. If I could be on a beach sipping a Pina Colada every day of the year, I would. Unfortunately, that's not an option. What is an option? Making funky accessories that make me feel like I'm laying on the beach getting some sunshine.

Don't these just make you smile?

With a passion for the beach, sunshine, summer, and all around happy feelings, we are trying some new designs to really bring this summer lovin' feeling with us all year round.

Don't these Pineapple Earrings make you feel like you could be laying in the sand as we speak?

Mixing food and fashion has had a big boom lately, from pizza sneakers to cupcake handbags. Have you hopped on the foodie fashion trend yet?

We've created a ton of foodie designs, and personally I just can't get enough of them. From avocados to donuts, it's everything I love made into jewelry- how could you go wrong?

What is your favorite food to wear?

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