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Valentine's Gifts for Your Bestie

All the single ladies, raise your hands! Valentine's day isn't just a holiday to be romanced by your significant other... or at least, it shouldn't be. It should be about love, all kinds of love. Love for your sister, your mother, your bestie... everyone! Each year, I get my best friends Valentine's gifts, because they are all special as hell and deserve some love on V-Day, with or without a man in their lives.

This one's for you ladies! I've picked the best Valentine's Day gifts for that wonderful, amazing lady in your life... whether it's your best friend, or even that beauty lookin' back at you in the mirror. Grab a bottle of wine or a 6 pack of beer with one of these gifts and you have a Galentine's Day worthy of celebration! #TreatYoSelf.

2. You're My Person Bottle Opener (Since we all need a Cristina Yang to our Meredith Grey)

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