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The Best Handcrafted Jewelry for Her

Jewelry always fits. I will say it time and time again folks, if you have no idea what to get a lady, get her jewelry. There are so many options out there, from boho to classic to leather... the possibilities are endless. I love that there is just so many types and styles of jewelry out there, there really is something for everyone.

My top picks for jewelry happen to be ah-maz-ing. Also, a lot of these businesses are actually friends of mine, a part of The Artisan Group {the best of the best of handcrafted!}. I am so happy to be able to share these fabulous finds with you!

1. Silver Deer Pendant by Sienna Grace Designs (how cute is this!!)

3. Pastel Pearl Bracelet by The Red Lotus Designs

4. Red Swarovski Crystal Pendant by Jewels For Hope

5. I Am Loved Bracelet by Simpli Stamped

6. Druzy Bangle by Vitrine Designs

7. Real Butterfly Wing Ring by Debras Divine Designs

8. Bohemian Bracelet Stack by Rock & Hardware

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