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Top Gifts for Book Worms (That Aren't Actually Books)

Bookworms are a breed all of their own. I myself, am proud to call myself a bookworm. With that being said, I know how difficult it is to find the absolute perfect gift to give someone who's favorite hobby is diving deep into a book and forgetting the world around them.

Do you chance getting them a book they already read? Nope. Do you get a gift card for them to get more books? Hmm, a little impersonal for some.

Have no fear! I have scouted out the PERFECT gifts for those loving the written word. I know they'll take their heads out of their books long enough to really appreciate these gifts... I mean, I know I would!

1. Book Enamel Pin by Sweet Ava's Paper

2. Book Lover Coffee Mug by Heart & Willow Prints

3. Book Lovers Book Mark by Analiese

4. Miniature Book Earrings by Just Terrific

5. Journal from Portland Leather (I bought one last year and the quality is just AMAZING!)

6. Books & Coffee Pillow by Brick House Pendant

7. Handwoven Book Pendant - Jewels For Hope

8. Winter Lover's Soy Candle by Beard Frost

9. I'm All Booked Socks by Zero Fox 30

10. Book Hangover Hoodie by Stag & Peach Co

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