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The Best Handcrafted Gifts for Him

Men are difficult to shop for. I know, I know, they will say the same thing about women, but this is my blog, so my opinion is what I'm going with right now, haha. Men are tough. I can easily find gifts for my sisters and my mother in half the time it takes for me to find a gift for my dad.

If I can even help one woman spend a little less time finding the perfect gift for him, I'll be thrilled! I know you'll look through this list and find the perfect gift. Tell me if you buy one below!

1. Dat Beard Bottle Opener by Like Mother Like Daughter Jewelry

2. I Drink & I know Things Flask by Wild and Free Prints (I bought this last year and my man loved it!)

3. Golf Cufflinks by Jewels For Hope

4. Engraved Beer Mug by Timeless Treasure USA

5. Gun and Cannoli Soap by Aubrey E Apothecary

6. Dat Ass & Dat Beard Matching Mugs by Field Trip (also bought this last year - perfect gift for him and for you!)

7. Star Wars Socks by The Rooter Pair

8. Guitar Pick Necklace by SassyBelleWares

9. Personalized Leather Wallet by Bramble and Beene

10. Custom Engraved Knife by The Groomsman Giftshop

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