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Top Gifts for Moon Lovers

I swear by the moon and the stars in the sky.... that any moon goddess will love these gifts! This is one of my favorite gift guides I've put together because I personally would love every single item here. Actually, I plan on buying some goodies from some of these shops for the holidays since my sister is the perfect recipient of any of these beauties.... and of course I then get to borrow everything. Win/Win.

1. Moon & Star Ring by Bonfire Design

2. Moon Earrings by Hope on a Rope Jewelry

3. Be Whole Mandala by Ilene Price Designs

5. Moon and Stars Asymmetrical Earrings by Jewels For Hope

6. Moon Phases Mug by The Rooted Pair

8. Silver Moon Hair Clip by Essential Elements

10. ANYTHING by Mo'Ology - Currently selling specialty pieces off of Instagram- really, check them out- sensational pieces!

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